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915 W Cutting Blvd
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 237-3000


Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center

These accessibility standards also apply to the following buildings: address(s).

Medical Office Building 901 Nevin Ave meets the following Accessibility standards:
Accessibility: P, EB, IB, R, E, T

This facility fulfills limited Accessibility standards.
( What are accessibility standards ?)

National Provider Identifier (NPI)

California License Number

Phone Numbers: Hours: Emergency, 7 days

UHS Surgical Services

Patient care is your top priority—ours, too. UHS can provide, manage and maintain medical equipment throughout your facility, ensuring you always have the right tools at the right time, with more time to give your patients the attention and care they deserve.

The evolving health care environment requires a deeper understanding of how the medical equipment you use impacts your quality of care. Discover how an end-to-end approach to medical equipment management can increase value to your organization.

Universal Hospital Services (UHS) is a clinical equipment services company that helps health care organizations increase operating efficiencies by optimizing the equipment lifecycle. We help you access, manage and maintain medical equipment so that your clinical staff is better equipped to care ™ for patients.

West County Health Center

Provides routine and preventive health care service focusing on the whole person. Special family practice clinics have been established for some non-English speaking patients: Asian, Lao, Afghani, Vietnamese, Russian.

PAP smears
Breast exams
Referral for Mammograms for women over 40 years old
Contraception including emergency contraception
Pregnancy Testing
STD testing and treatment
HIV testing

located in Martinez, is a full service county hospital and offers a complete array of patient-centered health care services delivered in a beautiful facility.

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